INSTANT DEBT RECOVERY uses late payment penalties as payment incentives. By not demanding the debtor pay penalties at the outset you can use them to persuade the debtor to pay immediately to avoid them.

Our claims engine calculates the penalties in your letters, but gives the debtor 7 days grace - so he sees exactly how much he can save - but only if he pays your debt within 7 days. This is how the Late Payment Directive Works.

By using the Late Payment Directive, and not delaying or incurring major expense in debt recovery you will transform your credit control cheaply and conveniently - and without the escalation solicitors or debt collectors bring.

Debts in England and Wales
Every document you produce with the claims engine will be correct for use within England and Wales. They are drafted by a barrister experienced in debt recovery litigation and follow the principles set out in the EU Late Payment Directive.
You can put your recovery process on hold at any stage. Use our claims engine to produce a payment agreement if you decide to give the debtor time to pay. This form of agreement will ensure you do not have to wait till the end of the payment period to issue a claim if he defaults and does all your calculations for you.
Easy To Use
You need neither legal skill or computer knowledge to file a claim for an undisputed debt in the online court. The claims engine produces it for you, calculated and formatted ready to issue in Money Claim Online.
Start Right Now
Just key in your and the debtor's name and address, download your fully drafted and calculated claim into MCOL and pay the Court fee online. To view the Money Claim Online portal for issuing your claim click the MCOL banner below.
Foreign Debts
Our service is only applicable to debts arising between businesses and debtors resident in England and Wales but you can adapt our letters of claim for use when suing abroad in order to make use of their accurate calculation of Late Payment Interest and Compensation (which applies throughout the EU). Call us on 1051 236 5415 if you would like help with this.
For Her Majesty's Court Service's guidance on how to recover undisputed debts in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Eire and other EU countries (except Denmark) by a written procedure, from your desktop, under the new European Order for Payment procedure click here. 
For all the forms you need to sue abroad - and a free online computer translation into the Debtor's language where needed - just click the EC Judicial Atlas banner below.

Our Fees (Instant Recovery  Service) Under    £1000 £1,000 - £10,000 Over £10,000
Letter of Claim £1 £1 £1
Claim £10 £17.50 £25
Judgment Free Free Free
Execution Bailiff's or High Court Enforcement Officer's Fee only.
VAT is added to the fees set out above.
The Court's Fees
If you make a claim in Money Claims Online you have to pay them (the Court) a fee. It is paid online. To view the Court's Fees click the hmcs banner below. Money Claim Online Court Issue Fees are shown on page 2 of the leaflet which opens up.

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