Pay As You Go Debt Recovery Software
Purpose "Come off it Jill. £750 compensation on a £500 debt!"

"And the £78 interest Jack. But they are so easy to avoid. Just pay me in the next 7 days."

Jack & Jill
Fast and economical recovery of undisputed business debts and bounced cheques with software designed for use by laymen.
"You're going to sue me for just £120!  It'll cost you twice that in fees Ben!"

"Actually Bill I issued yesterday. It cost me £20 and I paid a small fee to the court online. With penalties you now owe us £360."

Bill & Ben
Log in as and when you need to. Key in basic debt data. Then produce the best letters of claim i.e. those which make litigation less likley. If a legal claim is needed just download a properly calculated, fully optimized, claim into the court's web site via our online link. They will issue it for you. View the status of your claims and any debtor responses online 24/7.
Benefits "You'll Just have to wait Tracey. If you sue us we'll change to new suppliers."

"If you did that Sharon we'd have to add all your back penalties which come to £8,750."

Sharon & Tracey
No gobbledegook. No jargon. You will save time and money and preserve more of your business relationships. You can control your debt recovery, from gently chivvying good customers to maximizing late payment penalties from bad ones. You can also recover back penalties for late payment over the last 6 years.
"It's only in the small claims court Joan. No costs. I've nothing to lose by disputing it. Take my offer"

"Actually Darby you can lose £500 in costs for unreasonable behaviour."

Darby & Joan
No need now to ‘go legal’ unless a debt is disputed. If it is, either use solicitors who support this site (and use our software) or come direct to us (we are barrister's chambers) for advice and a rapid response.
Action "We value our customers. We always give them fair chance to pay without penalty. If they ignore us we recover, penalties and all, at minimal cost."

You & your customers

Give credit control a new box of tools. Open your account with us today. Be up and running within one business day and control your cash flow without fear of cost.

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