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Legal Reference    
H M Courts Service Money Claim Online Civil Procedure Rules 1998
Court Forms Online Acts of Parliament Statutory Instruments
Bar Council Bar Directory Bar Standards Board
Public Access Barristers Telephone Hearings Companies House
OFT Guidance    
Grosscurth & Co    
Costs Drafting    
Law Costing Limited    
Web Design    
Coatimundi web design    
Advice for Debtors    
OFT Debt Collection Guidance    
If you use debt collectors behaving in the way shown in this guidance you may be liable. You are much safer with County Court Bailiffs or High Court Enforcement Officers.
Going Debt Free     
(If you believe your debtor to be (a) genuine and (b) in financial trouble - refer him/her to the site above.  The advice given there encourages debtors to be straightforward with you. It may stop them panicking and causing unnecessary legal costs because they don't know what else to do.)


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