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You can open Monthly Account and a Paypal Account at the same time if you wish. PAYG credit is used first.  If you use Paypal (you just need a current Visa Card or Mastercard) we never see your card details. The transaction is handled on Paypal's secure server.



You are now just 2 steps away from desktop debt recovery.
(1) Register
Enter details carefully. The Claims Engine will use these details in your letters and claim documents. Click here to register. Why Register?
(2) Payment Methods
Monthly Account
Your account application is processed within a working day. You are billed at the end of the month. Our prices are on the services tabs with our 14 day money back guarantee.
Pay as You Go
PAYG provides instant access.  You can purchase credits via Paypal.  Your account is billed per use, just like a mobile phone. Pre-pay credits are not refundable. You can buy as little as £1 at a time.
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